How To Install Carpet Floor

I have a full finished basement with a floating laminate floor and I would like to install carpeting without pulling up the laminate flooring. Also, Can I hire professional carpet installers to do it for me. I was happy to learn… It depends on whether or not the laminate was installed correctly. First, did the concrete subfloor pass a moisture test and was a moisture barrier used under the laminate? The previous answer is correct that laminate can absorb moisture and swell, but if the previously stated measures were taken, the laminate should be stable. If you haven’t had any problems with the laminate thus far, you will probably be okay. If your laminate is swelling or showing other signs that moisture has been an issue please, do not install over this. Remove the laminate and get to the bottom of the problem. If the laminate is stable, go ahead and install the carpet over laminate with a proper padding. Please note that carpet is not always recommended in a basement. With all the concrete, the moisture levels are usually higher than normal and this can be a good place for mold and mildew to grow. I recommend using either nylon, olefin, or polypropylene as these are mold and mildew resistant.

Granite Counters

Our granite counters are not that old (house built in 07) but I’m not a fan of the color. If we decide to upgrade to new counters what would be do with the old granite. It’s clearly too nice/expensive to throw away. Would a store buy it back or give a discount. . Could granite be re-cut and used for something else by a store or is it just trash now. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. Granite can be re-cut and shaped to fit anyones kitchen. Te granite can be localy sourced so call around a few local companys and they will give you a price they will want to buy it at. Have all measurements to hand (thickness/width/lengths) bigger companys will not buy it from a member of the public as they bulk buy. Either that or ebay.

Using the top polishing kit, anyone can refinish and/or top polish any granite counter or other surface. The NSI Solutions turbo pads are perfect for removing localized scratches in a counter, taking down a high seam, or refinishing an entire counter. Step across from the 1000 grit turbo to the Alpha Ceramica resin pad (as demonstrated) or take the surface all the way with your turbos. This is the method taught at the “Stone Live” demonstrations at stone expo and other events such as the Stone Fabricators Alliance Mega Workshop. This method is also taught at classes across the country that have adopted this easy to use, inexpensive way to polish granite. Using the smaller rigid turbo wheels will help reduce the grinding area and save time. Use the grease pencil to outline your area and create blend lines so you don’t end up grinding a whole counter for one scratch or seam. MB-20 is used as a final polishing step to bring about the factory finish that you and your customers will expect from this service. Use MB-20 as demonstrated not as directed on the label (2011 label). Get these great products at: Www. Easystonecare. Com www. Regentstoneproducts. Com Learn more about stone refinishnig, marble polishing, granite polishing, sealing, and more at www. Stonerefinishing. Com

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

I’m remodeling my house. I want to order a catalog where I can get ideas how to remodele or improve my kitchen. Do you know what I found? If you want ideas on kitchen cabinets, go to www. Kraftmaid. Com. If you click on Help and Information, then you can click on Order Literature at the left. Kitchen counters, try www. Corian. Com – you can get a free catalog in the mail if you fill out the form on the contact us page and uncheck the section that says send me info by e-mail. Otherwise, they’ll just e-mail it to you. As far as decorating schemes, I find a lot of good information on www. HGTV. Com. Good luck. I’m in the planning stages of a kitchen remodel myself.