Thieves Hit Home Vacated For Mold Removal

Thursday, Sept. 26, 2013 Thieves hit home vacated for mold removal Thieves steal jewelry from family’s home being treated for mold Sponsored Links By Tom Regan ALPHARETTA Thieves struck at an Alpharetta home where a mother and daughter had vacated for mold removal last week. “I feel double victimized,” said resident Rebbeca Breaux. Breaux told Channel 2’s Tom Regan that she and her daughter became ill from the mold inside their leased home. When she contacted the leasing company, Silver Bay, to complain about the mold issue, they were instructed to move to a motel while crews worked to remove the mold and make renovations. Breaux said a company representative assured that she need not worry about security at her home during the process. “He said All your valuable and your personal stuff will be fine. I wouldn’t let anyone in the house that would harm or take any of your possessions,” Breaux said Breaux said she visited the home after a cleaning crew left last week and discovered thousands of dollars in keepsake jewelry and other valuables were gone. “I went straight to this box, my mother’s diamond rings were gone. I broke down and cried and cried” Breaux said. The thieves also stole a diamond necklace, expensive watches and a vintage .22-caliber handgun owned by Breauxs grandfather. The burglars also ransacked her daughter’s room, rifling through drawers and closets. “They took my iPhone 4s, they took some money out of my dresser. They took some headphones that went to my iPad. I feel very violated and upset,” said 15-year-old Rachel Clayman. Breaux said her alarm system had been turned off and her flat screen TV had been unhooked, leading her to believe the thieves planned to return. She said that she spent more $2,000 on the motel stay and since she is staying in a rented home, her losses are not insured. She said the management company needs to reimburse her motel expenses and cover the theft of her belongings. “It’s just like I sleep with one eye open now. And I can tell you, the management company hasn’t even offered to say ‘what can we do,'” Breaux said. A representative send this response to Channel 2 Action News when asked for a comment. “We have been in communication with and are aware of the resident’s circumstances. We are committed to, and take pride in being responsive to our residents’ needs and work diligently to address our residents’ concerns but do not comment publicly with specifics on private, ongoing residential matters,” said Anh Huynh, director of investor relations, Silver Bay Realty Trust Company. Alpharetta police have opened an investigation into the burglary and are working to make an arrest. More News
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Mold Worries South Charleston Middle School Parents; My Cleaning Products Explains How Two Mold Removal Sprays Could Aid

But My Cleaning Products also warned them of the possible mold presence in their houses and went on suggesting to them the use of Molderizer and Safe Shield. Richmond, VA (PRWEB) September 17, 2013 Mold was discovered in various parts of South Charleston Middle School. And as said in a report from, that got the parents worried for their children’s health. But besides the mold in school, My Cleaning Products warned them of its possible presence in houses. It also explained to them how mold removal sprays could help implement an inexpensive yet complete, safe and effective mold treatment. Based on the report, posted on September 14, 2013, the mold was particularly found in the classrooms, hallways and the auditorium of the said Kanawha County campus, My Cleaning Products shared. And as it related, David Haden, a concerned parent, expressed that it must be immediately addressed. Meanwhile, Jack Gray, a worried grandfather, stated that the school should consider demolishing the affected building as it was already in a very bad condition, relayed MCP. It detailed though that as he said, the community should get involved in resolving the mold problem. Below is a part of the post Mold Gets South Charleston Middle School Parents Concerned by My Cleaning Products. A barrage of mold problems affected several schools recently. Openings were delayed, classes were transferred and budgets came short due to the spores. And all of it was because of the unusually wet summer this year. But of course, among others, the presence of mold in schools worries parents the most. After all, several health risks have already been associated with the fungus. And based on a report from, the parents of students from South Charleston Middle School were among those who mold got seriously concerned. MCP said that South Charleston Middle School parents got a valid reason to worry about their kids’ health as mold brings in various risks to it. As it enumerated, allergies, asthma and breathing difficulties are some of them. However, it cleared that mold in school was not the only one the public must be wary with.
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Naples Fl Pest Control Professionals Offer Strategies For Keeping Your House Termite-free

Some tips from Naples FL Pest Control Professionals. Naples FL Pest Control Pest Control Naples FL ( EMAILWIRE.COM , October 05, 2013 ) Naples, FL — Naples FL Pest Control Professionals offer hints on what homeowners may defend against termites . These pests feed on timber and are notorious for causing extensive quantities of damage to commercial and residential buildings each year. The worst part, note the Collier County pest management professionals, is that frequently the dilemma goes undetected. Several pest species can be tough to detect, as they live in areas that individuals do not have access to, for example inside foundation helps and walls. During times of the year (namely their swarm time), one may well be able to spot the wings put aside by the men. In case these are seen inside a house, the top plan of action should be to get hold of the insect control experts at Naples FL Pest Control Professionals. Clear Away Debris and Protect Your Investment At any rate, preventative steps can spare some time and funds of the trouble completely, and with we have a few products to tackle. The top thing that could and should be done is confine their access to all wooden structures, because termites are attracted to timber. As well as laying a barrier between your home’s foundation along with the earth, any decks or patios should also be shielded. Based on the experts at Naples FL Pest Control Professionals, “Termites hold the title for being one of the worst pests; they are resilient and could be amazingly hard to eliminate. Just build with pre-treated timber and paint the exterior and interior of your house every once in a while, because all these are commonly known termite protection strategies.” Should you or someone you know be in need of residential or business pest management in Naples FL, Naples FL Pest Control Professionals offers a full line of services. To learn more, don’t hesitate to see . About Naples FL Pest Control Professionals: State licensed and specializing in both residential and commercial pest control and the latest termite treatments, Naples FL Pest Control Professionals is committed to providing the most up to date treatments available. Customer service has always been and will always be our number one priority. Our operators are available to answer any questions you may have about your pest problem and set up an appointment TODAY. We look forward to meeting you and guarantee you will be satisfied. Contact Information: Naples FL Pest Control Professionals Dave Wallingford
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Councils in the North East hit top 10 for pest control call outs

Michelle Kelly was forced out of her home after seeing a rat

. no one wants pests in their home. But according to a recent survey, homes in the North have been subjected to a higher rate of infestations than the rest of the UK. South Tyneside, Sunderland, Newcastle and Middlebrough councils all made the top 10 for pest control call-outs in 2012, the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) said. Experts are stumped as to the root of the North pest problem, but said it could be down to the likes of population density and lively city-centre nightlife as well as availability of free pest control services. Mum-of-two Michelle Kelly was forced out of her home after seeing a rat race across her bedroom. It was absolutely horrible, said the 27-year-old, of North Shields in North Tyneside, who lives with sons Thomas, nine, and two-year-old AJ. I could not sleep in my house so moved to my mums. I thought the noises I heard was the dog upstairs but when I went up I saw a rat run across the room. It is just not nice to have that in your home. Michelle Kelly was forced out of her home after seeing a rat South Tyneside Council had the fourth highest rate of call outs in the UK in 2012, at 29.25 per 1,000 people, a total of 4,333 calls. However, this was down slightly from 4,477 calls in 2011. A spokesman said: We have a highly-experienced team of pest control technicians offering advice and support to residents and businesses. These figures reflect the high demand for our service which is well recognised locally and is generally where our residents turn to for assistance. The council also offers competitive rates compared to those of private pest control contractors and up until April 2012, when the BPCAs research ended, many households received free pest control treatments if they were in receipt of certain benefits. People living in council-owned housing receive treatments which are paid for by the councils housing company, South Tyneside Homes. Sunderland City Council was fifth in the UK with 29.06 call-outs per 1,000, a total of 8,007 calls. The council also ranked in the top ten for mice call-outs, with 2,663 calls in 2012. Coun James Blackburn, portfolio holder for city services said: Sunderland City Council provides a free domestic control service for the treatment of rodents and other pests where there is a risk to public health. The council also carries out proactive treatments. Many factors such as weather conditions from cold snaps or rain can influence the number of pest control incidents and reportings. Newcastle City Council was seventh in the table. It had 8,032 calls last year, down from 8,452 in 2011. Peter Gray, head of highways and local services said: We are a bit surprised at this league table. We have never noticed Newcastle or the rest of the North East having any higher than average pest problem than the rest of the UK. I think these results show North East councils are very good and responding to and recording call outs. The Norths pest problem could be down to a number of factors said Richard Moseley, techinical manager of the BPCA, including population density and the liveliness of city-centre nightlife.
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New Asbestos Removal Audit

Asbestos removal

The home has been vacant since November 2011 when its owners discovered a substance they thought to be asbestos. They called in a licensed assessor who confirmed it was. The house was then sealed off and fenced. Air monitoring since the discovery has found no asbestos fibres within or outside the home. The homeowners left immediately after the asbestos was confirmed and negotiated to sell the house and land to the ACT government at market value, according to a spokeswoman for Attorney-General Simon Corbell. The ACT government sent notices to local residents on Monday to tell them the house would be removed. Mr McCabe suggested the 18-month time frame between the discovery of asbestos and its removal was due to negotiations with the owners and the need to formulate a strategy for remediation. ”It’s a quite lengthy and complicated process as obviously we can’t just bulldoze it,” he said. Mr Corbell’s spokeswoman said, ”While it is unfortunate that homes were missed, it is important to note that neither the ACT nor Commonwealth Government gave any assurances that all homes containing Mr Fluffy would be identified during the program.” Another in a series of internal reviews of the removal program has begun. Mr Corbell’s spokeswoman said that in the 2010 ACT government review of its asbestos management strategy, a series of recommendations had been made, including to review the information available to owners of homes that were in the removal program. However, the Downer house had not been identified as a result of a review. The home is the fourth found to have missed the official screening process which began in the late ’80s to identify all houses containing Mr Fluffy insulation. These include a house in Mawson, identified in 2009, a house in Lyons identified in 2007 and a house in Yarralumla identified in 1996. Mr McCabe said screening processes at the time lacked the stringency and sense of urgency of current asbestos handling. ”Typically, screening back then consisted of a visual inspection when an inspector lifted roof tiles. In this case, and in the case of the three other houses coming to light over the past 20 years, it was missed.” Since 2004, all residential sales in the territory must include a lease conveyance report advising buyers whether the house contains loose-fill asbestos. The Downer home had been found to have the roof insulation still in place, as well as asbestos fibres at the base of the wall cavities which had migrated from the roof. Mr McCabe warned that houses which had been part of the removal program may still have residual asbestos fibres in places such as wall cavities and caution needed to be exercised for even minor repairs or renovations in these homes.
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After the material is removed and isolated, it is sealed in bags. It is then disposed of at a designated landfill. Removal protocols may vary depending on the type of asbestos and in what area it is located. For example, the process for removing wall siding contaminated with asbestos would be different from removing floor tiles that are contaminated. In each case, the asbestos would need to be kept wet so that any possibility of it becoming airborne is low. The material is sealed in bags and prepared for transport to a designated disposal site. HEALTH IMPACT/SAFETY General: Asbestos fibers may enter the body through skin contact, ingestion, or inhalation. Most of the research on adverse health effects from asbestos pertains to the effects due to inhalation of the fibers. The concentrations of fibers inhaled were in amounts that overcame normal pulmonary defense and clearance mechanisms. Asbestos is one of the most common occupational carcinogens, causing about half of the deaths from cancer due to workplace exposure. Asbestos workers who also smoke have been shown to be at a much higher risk of disease than those who do not smoke. Lung diseases associated with asbestos exposure include pulmonary fibrosis, lung cancer, asbestosis, pleural plaques, benign pleural effusion, and malignant mesothelioma. Tumors may develop even after relatively short exposures to asbestos, with the risk increasing greatly after five years of occupational exposure. Complications of asbestos exposure : Asbestosis: Asbestosis is a disease similar to pulmonary fibrosis. It results in the widespread formation of scar tissue in the lungs after asbestos fibers are inhaled into the air sacs. The body cannot get rid of the fibers. As the body tries to respond to the infiltration, scarring results in the lung tissue. This is a chronic inflammatory condition that is widely seen in patients involved in mining occupations. People with asbestosis usually exhibit severe shortness of breath (dyspnea) and have an increased risk for cancer. Autoimmune dysfunction: Exposure to silicates, such as asbestos, has also been linked to the development of autoimmune dysfunction. Some malignancies from asbestos exposure may be considered a failure in the body’s immune system to fight tumor growth.
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