Sliding Door Repair

We have an unknown brand sliding glass door. The door will no longer glide smoothly. We’ve tried picking up and swinging out the door but there is not enough clearance to remove it to repair/replace the wheels. Any suggestions. Well, I have your answer right here. Somewhere on the edge of the door frame there should be some screws that either hold the frame together or that adjust the tension on the rollers. Or, there should be some kind of access hole where you can stick a screwdriver in there (slot or phillips) to adjust the roller height. If not, I would have to see the door itself and play with it to figure it out.

Watch as a seasoned expert demonstrates how to remove a sliding screen door before repairing it in this free online video about home maintenance. Expert: Don Golden Bio: Don Golden has been in the business of buying and remodeling homes in the Los Angeles area for more than 15 years. Filmmaker: Louis Nathan

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