Pest Management Specialists Play An Important Role In Food Distribution And Manufacturing

The extensive training Jackson received through Apex Pest Control helped him develop the skillset to handle a diverse range of insect and rodent outbreaks in specialized facilities such as medical and food manufacturing establishments. The services he provides range from one-time treatments to ongoing weekly, monthly or quarterly treatments. Many times I receive only limited information while trying to determine the pest problem. I need to ask the right questions and perform my due diligence to determine what is plaguing a facility or residence, Jackson explained. I have always had an investigative nature, which is why this job is a good fit for me. In addition to the state licensure, Jackson must pursue continuing education credits to keep current and renew that license. This includes in-house training on insect identification, treatment techniques and protocols, safety, industry standards and product usage. He is also well versed in the rules and regulations in the food distribution and manufacturing industries as set by the American Institution of Baking International, the Safe Quality Food Institute and the British Retail Consortium. Jackson is certified as well in food processing sanitation and hygiene. Jackson said most people dont realize how important pest control is in keeping the nations food supply free from contamination and infestation. Rodents do untold damage, he relayed, and without pest management specialists, half of our food might be destroyed. Also, termites alone cost Americans about $1.5 billion each year in damage repair and control more than the combined cost of all natural disasters, Jackson pointed out. Being licensed in the pest problems that plague this area, I am able to determine the best way to help. This may include cultural or habitat modification, improving sanitation, employing mechanical or physical controls and products that pose the least possible hazard to the environment, he said. We must always minimize risks to people and property, so careful monitoring of the situation is required, as well as following pre-established guidelines and treatment thresholds. What it takes to succeed To excel in the position, Jackson said one must be knowledgeable in insect and rodent identification and know the most efficient and effective ways to eradicate or suppress the problem. You must also be able to work independently, be organized and have strong time management skills. Above all, you need to be a good listener and be able to put the client at ease. Often, they are distressed due to the pest problem in their home or work environment. You must be able to communicate clearly so the client understands what to expect during the pest management process, Jackson said. The job is definitely not suited for many people, he added. You must be thick-skinned as you sometimes encounter less-than-ideal conditions, but it is your job to remedy the situation. Jackson handles a wide variety of commercial, industrial and residential accounts. What Jackson likes best about his work is the ability to work independently throughout the day. What gives him the greatest career satisfaction, though, is getting to help people every day eliminate the cause of their pest problem. For those interested in a career in pest management, Jackson suggested learning about the biology of insects and rodents.
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The Snake Winds One Way, Then Another, While Looking At The Young Man And Flicking Its Tongue In And Out Of Its Mouth.

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It’s Always Worthwhile Asking The Pest Control Company You’re Getting A Quote From If They Have Insurance.

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Scorpion’s Last Strike: Aviano Squadron Returns From Final Deployment Before Deactivation


19, 2013 as they returned home from their final deployment in Southwest Asia before the squadron is inactivated later this year. “I’m so happy to be here,” said Airman 1st Class Amanda Harrell, 603rd Air Control Squadron surveillance technician. “It was great to be deployed. It was tough work, but we got it done. I’ve never been happier.” The 603rd ACS, one of two Air Force theater air control systems in Europe, is being inactivated as part of a larger effort to help meet Budget Control Act resource levels. The squadron has had a rich history with its roots reaching back to the very beginnings of the Air Force. It was first activated Dec. 31, 1945, under the U.S. Army Air Corps. The squadron’s early years provided air control for major air operations from World War II to include supporting the Berlin Airlift. Since 9/11, the squadron’s operations have been essential to providing deployed Airmen to control the skies over Afghanistan and Iraq. The squadron also supported Operation New Dawn and operations in the Horn of Africa, said Lt. Col. Stephen Carocci, who is both the commander for the 71st EACS and the 603 ACS. “I had a majority of my squadron deployed in Southwest Asia, who on a daily basis provide battle management and command and control over the skies of Afghanistan and support for the Gulf region,” Carocci said. “While it will be sad knowing this squadron is making its last deployment, I know it’s in the best interests of the Air Force as a whole for the squadron to be deactivated.” Since the start of the squadron’s deployment in July, the squadron controlled 129,000 miles of airspace, assisted in 50,000 combat missions, controlled 41,000 aircraft and supported three rescue missions. Seeing this direct impact on the war effort makes being a member of the 603rd ACS a unique experience for its Airmen. “Coming from a career field where it isn’t a guarantee to be a part of an air control squadron, has made this assignment meaningful,” said Senior Master Sgt. Jamie Kitchen, assigned to the 603rd ACS since October 2008. “Being able to go on these deployments, getting steel on target and supporting the guys on the ground who need air support, is what makes this special.” Unfortunately, the squadron also had to deal with personal tragedy when it came to supporting the war on terrorism. Airman 1st Class Antoine Holt lost his life during a mortar attack and Senior Airman Scott Palomino lost his left leg below the knee during the same attack while they were deployed to Balad Air Base, Iraq, in April 2004. A memorial plaque was dedicated to Holt at the Italian based squadron in 2006.
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