The role of sensors in stable HVAC systems: Heavy duty pressure transducers

Energy Efficient HVAC Revenue to Hit $33 Billion by 2020


Theyll also require less frequent calibration and replacement. A sensors quality is indicated by the Total Error Band (TEB) one number that quantifies all possible errors, from the offset, to the full scale span, and pressure and thermal factors. The lower the TEB, the more accurate the sensor and the less testing and calibration it needs. If sensors are also made to Six Sigma and ISO9001 standards, they will provide the highest level of product quality, performance and consistency. Because each type of sensor performs distinct functions in an HVAC system, well look at each individually, starting with heavy duty pressure transducers used in the heating and cooling source units. In a follow-up article, well look more closely at the role of board mount pressure sensors and high pressure air flow sensors. Heavy duty pressure transducers Higher pressure applications within HVAC systems rooftop cooling towers, boilers, pumps and chillers require pressure transducers that are durable, CE compliant, designed for IP69K sealing protection, and able to withstand wide temperature ranges and contact with harsh media (e.g., refrigerants, driving rains, hydraulic fluids and compressed air up to 1000 psi). With stainless steel housing and ports, these transducers can minimize moisture infiltration and shorts at the sensor location, and in turn, downtime and replacement costs. Heavy duty pressure transducers provide two measurements: 1. The amount of pressurized air being delivered to the application 2. The presence of air pressure leaks These measurements come from continuously monitoring the pressure of the compressor outlet, chiller outlet, evaporator coil outlet and the cooling tower supply, ultimately providing data to regulate the flow of heating/cooling media during partial load conditions. Because these transducers are used in a variety of applications, choosing parts configurable to your specifications is important.
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Figures from Navigants new report, entitled Energy Efficient HVAC Systems, indicate that annual revenue from energy efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is set to nearly double from $17.2 billion in 2013 to $33.2 billion by 2020. Navigant senior research director Bob Gohn says that despite a tepid market for efficient HVAC in past the several years following the Global Financial Crisis, recovery in developed economies is now well within sight. In the wake of the global recession of 2009, developed markets for efficient HVAC especially in North America and Europe remain sluggish, he says. However, the North American market will revive during 2013 and begin to experience more substantial growth during 2014. Europe will follow a similar trend, but recovery will likely not occur until mid to late 2014. Gohn also points out, however, that Asia-Pacific economies will take the lead in the energy efficient HVAC market by the end of the decade, with the region expected to comprise 55 per cent of the global market by 2020. Energy efficient HVAC systems harbour immense promise as a means of boosting the sustainability credentials of buildings and reducing carbon emissions. HVAC systems alone account for approximately 40 per cent of total building energy consumption, and buildings in turn comprise between 35 to 40 per cent of global energy consumption. The introduction of efficiency measures in this key area of energy consumption could have highly positive ramifications for efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and soften the impact of global climate change. The report also notes that the international HVAC market is currently dominated by major corporations such as UTC (Carrier), Hitachi, Ingersoll-Rand (Trane), Daikin and LG Electronics, who do not focus exclusively on the manufacture of HVAC systems. Exclusive HVAC manufacturers are currently limited to smaller players such as Lennox and Uponor. By Marc Howe
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No matter the refrigerant used in the system, vent temperatures should approach the freezing mark assuming ambient air temperatures do not exceed 90 degrees during testing. If system vent temperatures dont meet expectation during evaluation, a set of pressure gauges (a.k.a. manifold gauges) are needed to perform a more thorough evaluation. These gauges can be a separate set of diagnostic gauges, or they may be part of the refrigeration recovery/recycling/recharging machine. Pressure gauges can accurately diagnose A/C system problems because air conditioning systems do their job of removing heat by boiling (absorbing heat) and condensing (giving up heat) liquid refrigerant. The system makes sure is has liquid to boil, and that the boiled gas gives off heat in the condenser, by manipulating pressures to ensure condensation and boiling of the refrigerant. Normal system pressures (assuming an R134a type system) are in the range of 180psi 220psi on the high side, and 20psi to 40psi on the low side. These pressures may be even higher if testing is being conducted with exceptionally high ambient air temperatures (over 85 degrees Fahrenheit). System pressures lower than these indicate a problem usually a low refrigerant charge if both high and low side pressures are below normal. When a technician first installs a set of manifold gauges on the AC system he or she will note that the gauges read a static pressure. This pressure indicates that there is some refrigerant in the system, but cannot be used to determine how much refrigerant is present. Ambient temperature affects what static pressure will be displayed on the gauges. This pressure will be the same on the Low gauge and the High gauge, and will be approximately equal to ambient air temperature in R134a systems. For leak detection purposes, you will generally need at least 50 psi of pressure for the system to operate.
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