Tile Floor Repair

My ceramic tile floor is cracked and I need to know how to repair it. I can’t find a tile to replace it with because the tile is no longer available. If any one has any ideas I would appreciate your help. I was happy to learn… As you’ve heard, replacement is the only real option. If you remove and replace a number of them, it could create a pattern that would be pleasing. It may require replacing a few, but it’s up to you. Before you do that, though, ceramic tile should not crack if it’s laid on a proper substrate. Before you go through the work of laying new tile, check to make sure that there isn’t an “underlying problem”.

How to repair loose tiles without removing them Ask for Stickit at your local hardware, paint or tile store. If you can’t find it you can purchase online at this link www. Shalex. Com. Au

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  1. Unfortunately there is only one way to fix a cracked tile, and that is to replace it. The only other thing you could try to do is fill the crack with a similar color caulk or similar material. A fix? No, but it may hide it enough if you can't find a replacement tile.

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